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Parents of Seniors: Just a reminder that students can visit the DSF School Counseling website under Scholarships & Financial Aid to view the latest Scholarship Newsletter. There are several scholarships for students to view and determine their eligibility. We want students to take advantage of all possible opportunities to earn money for college. Please encourage your senior to check out these great resources ASAP!


Attention student and parents!  All students who signed up to take an AP class next year (2018-2019), must complete an AP Commitment Form by June 15th.  These forms can be found in the School Counseling Office.


Brought to you by the VCUarts Art Foundation Program, Drawing Unplugged is a 5-Saturday summer drawing course for rising high school seniors and community members.

This hands-on, not-for-credit, studio course is designed to provide a focused and structured introduction to the tools and skills needed to draw. Students work closely with a VCUarts faculty member developing their ability to observe and draw, working directly from still lives, exploring portraiture and culminating with a live model. By the end of the five sessions students will not only come away with finished pieces, but an in-depth experience critiquing and discussing in-process and finished drawings.

To register, contact Chris Costello: Email: cscostello@vcu.edu, Phone: 804-828-1129


ANGP Volunteer Opportunities


Freeman High School administration would like to alert parents to the growing instances of vape and electronic cigarette possession, use, and distribution. 

  • The Henrico County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct and the HCPS Student Activities Contract prohibits the possession of, use of, and distribution of all electronic cigarettes. In accordance with HCPS policies, possession, use, and distribution may result in serious disciplinary consequences and suspension from athletic teams. 
  • There are various types and brands of electronic cigarettes and vapes, but the most common ones that we are seeing students in possession of is the Juul brand. Juul use among high school students is on the increase nationwide. Usage not only includes smoking the device but also sucking the chemicals from the Juul pods. The amount of nicotine in one Juul pod is equivalent to the amount of nicotine in one pack of regular cigarettes. 
  • The U.S. Surgeon General warns that besides nicotine, e-cigarettes can contain harmful and potentially harmful ingredients, including ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Additionally, the flavorants used in e-cigarettes, such as diacetyl, are linked to serious lung disease. 

We care about our students' safety and feel it is necessary to share this information with our parents. Please speak with your students about the health concerns attached to the use of vape, electronic cigarette use and other substance abuse concerns.  


 As part of our PTSA program offerings, Julie Bruner presented a session on February 13 on the College Edge. If you are interested in learning more about her summer sessions for rising seniors or just need college advice, see the attached flyer or contact her at juliebruner4college@gmail.com.

Summer 2018 Information



Student meals may be pre-paid by using our online vendor payment program. This program allows parents to pay and replenish their students’ lunch accounts by using a personal credit or debit card. Please note that balances from last year are carried over to the following year. If you have questions, please contact the MYSCHOOLBUCKS directly.  Please note that the vendor charges a handling fee for each payment.


Freeman Essentials for New Families (click here) - Everything you need to know!


PowerSchool Parent Portal is now open and available for parents to begin creating accounts and adding the app to phones. The parent portal will give parents online access to grades and attendance. Parents who wish to use the Portal phone App will need the 4-digit Henrico code. The code is MXZM. If you created a username and password last year, you may use the same credentials to login. The creation of a new account is not necessary.     

PowerSchool Parent Portal: (Click Here)


The Freeman Theatre Guild is comprised of parents, guardians, friends, and relatives of DSF students involved with the theatre department. If you would like to join the Freeman Theatre Guild or become informed of the many exciting events scheduled for this year, please send your email information to dsftheater@gmail.com.


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Become a Booster Club member and gain access to all home sporting events this year.  Support student athletes at Douglas S. Freeman by joining the Athletic Booster Club. To learn more about the different membership levels or to pay online go to http://www.dsfathleticboosters.org/joinnow.html


Upcoming Events



Jun. 11 - Graduation Practices & Activities - 9:15 to 11:00 A.M.- mandatory

Jun. 12 - Underclass Exam Week

Jun. 12 - Graduation Practices & Activities - 9:15 to 11:00 A.M. - mandatory

Jun. 13 - Graduation Practices & Activities - 9:15 to 11:00 A.M. - mandatory

Jun. 13 - Class of 2018 Baccalaureate at Hope Church - 7:00 P.M.

Jun. 14 - Graduation - 11:00 A.M. - Siegel Center

Jun. 14 - All Night Graduation Party 10:30 PM - June 15 - 3:30 AM


 Code of Conduct 2017-2018

 PTA Mission: 

To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

 Parent Information: Drug Use warning Signs

 Soon our students will be out of school with idle time on their hands.  If parents are working, children - young and old - spend more time unsupervised, looking for something to do, right or wrong.  Now is the time to get unneeded and unused medications out of your house and out of your medicine cabinet.  Anyone who reads the paper, follows the news online or watches news on TV knows what a problem prescription drug abuse is and how it can be a gateway to heroin and other drugs.  We are losing far too many young people to this horrible epidemic.

Given this situation, Bremo Pharmacy is doing its part to get unneeded or unused medications out of people's homes and medicine cabinets.  As a service to the community, we have installed a permanent Drug Take back box in our pharmacy at 2024 Staples Mill Road. 
You need not wait for the once a year Drug Take back day.  Our Drug Take back box is available for the public's use anytime our pharmacy is open:  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm.  There is no charge, there is no catch - it is truly a community service to get unneeded and unused medications out of our home and out of the hands of our children - young and old.
For Details click here.